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Our story:

Getting the very best bite

Our roots date back to when our co-founder Neil became a dad himself. As working parents, Neil and his wife spent their evening hours pureeing fresh veggies to make sure their daughters were able to get the same great tasting food that they enjoyed throughout the day. The jarred baby food offerings were just bland and lacked any tasteful inspiration. There had to be a better way.

In 2007, Plum Organics was born, when a small group of parents came together and reimagined the baby food category as we know it today. The company introduced the first spouted baby food pouch, with a mission of inspiring a lifetime of healthy eating from the very first bite. And since then, we’ve been cooking up some delightful blends of pureed fruits and veggies with culinary-inspired ingredients like kale, quinoa and amaranth. Did you know that Plum is the largest purchaser of amaranth in the world?! We’ve now expanded beyond baby food and offer yummy snacks for all ages (including grown-ups!). The options are endless and we’re just getting started.

Meet Our

Neil Grimmer, co-founder and CEO
Neil has been a leader in the design and consumer products industry for over a decade. He has led Plum Organics to become the number one organic baby food company, launching over 150 innovative products, including pioneering the first-to-market spouted pouch that has single-handedly revolutionized a dormant baby food category. Before co-founding Plum, Neil was formerly the vice president of strategy and innovation at Clif Bar & Company, and prior to that a senior designer at IDEO.

Wellness Advisory Pannel

At Plum Organics, we recognize the mighty challenge of creating nutritious and delicious organic foods for little ones. And, we know we can't do it without some help from some very smart people. That's why we created our Plum Wellness Advisory Panel; a hybrid, multi-disciplinary team of experts from diverse backgrounds including pediatric medicine, nutrition, food science, culinary arts and food ingredient innovation.  Our Wellness Advisory Panel helps ensure the Plum Mission – to bring the very best food to little ones from the very first bite – is actionable, credible and grounded in the most progressive thinking out there.