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posted by Renee Levy, November 18, 2014

If you have young children, you've probably had a moment when you realize they're eating far better than you do. Plum Organics hears that. The maker of juice pouches for kids now offers a grown-up version, Plum Vida, including a variety with pear, kale, spinach, and celery. It's grab-and-go, but best when chilled.  Read More >

Stroller Traffic

posted by Renee Levy, November 11, 2014

The new hello morning and hello dinner meals from Plum Organics are organic (duh), wholesome, and ready in minutes. Just add water, and stir. For ages 6 months and up. $4.99 each at Read More >

Food Processing

posted by Renee Levy, November 6, 2014

Organic kids’ nutrition company Plum Organics now has something for mom and dad. Like the company's kids’ products, Plum Vida comes in a lightweight, resealable pouch. Enjoyed straight out of the pouch at room temperature or chilled, each 5-oz. pouch contains 3g fiber and 70-90 calories, depending on variety. Read More >

Digital Journal

posted by Renee Levy, October 29, 2014

eading sustainable consumer goods company Preserve®, has joined together with Plum Organics, a pioneering organic kids nutrition company, to create a recycling solution for Plum Organics pouch caps. Read More >

The Times of Northwest Indiana

posted by Renee Levy, October 29, 2014

Plum Organics expands into adult snacks with Plum Vida. Read More >