With the many joys and pains of pregnancy comes the realization that you’re helping to build a baby with every bite of food you eat. Some moms find this overwhelming, others love the concept. Maybe you love it and find it overwhelming. Either way, when every bite counts during pregnancy, it can be hard to decide what those bites should be. Especially, if you’re nauseous or starving. Or nauseous and starving. Ah, pregnancy. 

If you’ve read any pregnancy books or blogs, and we suspect you have, you already know that a diet incorporating fresh, whole foods is often recommended. This doesn’t mean all sweets are off. Thankfully, real dark chocolate is fantastic stuff. Speaking of, keep in mind that taste matters. Tremendously. It may even serve to train baby’s taste buds in utero. How cool is being a mammal? Eating a wide variety of flavors during pregnancy may help create future eaters who could instinctually seek flavorful food and reap the benefits it offers! Even if you can only keep down the tiniest bit of food these days, here are ten real foods to eat when you’re eating for two people—for nutrients and flavor. 

As always, we recommend seeking out organic ingredients whenever possible.