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eat your colors!

Inspired ways to boil, bake, and saute a rainbow of foods day after day to satisfy the nutritional needs of babies

Want to make sure your little one is eating a wide variety of nutrients? Have them eat a rainbow of colors. Preparing week after week of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple can get a little repetitive, so we’ve compiled some colorful and inspirational cooking ideas—from boiling to baking to leaving it raw, we’ve got you covered. Do make sure to only serve what your baby or toddler is capable of chewing and not choking on, based on the number of teeth in that wee little mouth. Don’t forget to think outside the box to mix things up further in the kitchen—any puree can be frozen into popsicle form, there is nothing that can’t be tossed in a smoothie, frozen peas count as green and are oddly tasty (best for older kids, of course), and don’t neglect pickling. Enjoy! 


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