Meet the Team: Product Innovation Manager Meg Verdeyen

At Plum, we’re reimagining nutrition from the very first bite and using business as a force for good. But we’re also parents and husbands and sisters and snackers and storytellers and Green Bay Packers fanatics (ok, that’s just one of us) who like to bring our dogs to work sometimes. And we’d love for you to get to know us a little better.

Meet Meg Verdeyen, our product innovation manager who’s passionate about creating feeding solutions that solve real problems and make this parenting gig a little bit easier.

Current city/living set up:
I’m living in Oakland, not too far from Lake Merritt. It’s a short 3-mile bike ride to work which makes for an easy commute and I love all of the walkable restaurants in the area.

Life outside of work:
During my spare time, you’ll most likely find me outside. I love to take advantage of the great weather in the Bay Area, so I spend a lot of time hiking, biking, and camping.

Favorite Plum product?
I’m a big fan of our Jammy Sammy with my afternoon cup of coffee as a snack. While it doesn’t taste as yummy to my adult palate, my favorite product that I’ve worked on is our Organic Infant Formula. It’s so fun to talk to parents about breastfeeding and assuage their concerns about what is going into the formula that they feed their baby. It’s a product that I’m proud to have brought to the market.

Favorite office snack?
Currently, the peanut butter sandwiches we have in the kitchen are my go-to. When those aren’t around a classic string cheese is a great snack.

What do you do at Plum?
I work on the innovation team and focus on new product development. It’s an exciting role because I get to work with our insights team and talk to real parents to understand the issues they’re facing. Starting from an initial consumer insight, we dream up product ideas and work with a cross-functional team at Plum to create a tangible solution that solves the challenge that consumers shared with us. I love that our innovation is rooted in consumer needs. Our goal is to make parenting a little easier!

What’s the best thing about working here?
The people! We all genuinely enjoy spending time together. For example, the other night the innovation and insights teams had our third annual mid-week camping trip and I think it shows how much we all enjoy being together. It’s not a given that coworkers would be willing to give up a night with their families to spend as a team, and I think that’s really special.