Meet the Team: Senior Commercialization Project Lead, Mike Markowski

At Plum, we’re reimagining nutrition from the very first bite and using business as a force for good. But we’re also parents and husbands and sisters and snackers and storytellers and Green Bay Packers fanatics (ok, that’s just one of us) who like to bring our dogs to work sometimes. And we’d love for you to get to know us a little better.

Meet Mike Markowski, the senior commercialization project lead. Learn more about this #prouduncle and why he loves working with every department at Plum to manage projects.

Current city/living set up:
I live in Berkeley, California – I moved west with my wife after 25 years in Atlanta. I love being out here – can’t argue with sunny and 70 degrees in February!

Life outside of work:
I have 4 nieces and 2 nephews that I spend time with whenever I can (I always bring them snacks). My wife and I love heading up to Napa and Petaluma to check out the amazing breweries and wineries on the weekends, and we love taking walks with our little corgi-mix dog.

Favorite Plum product?
No question, peach, banana & apricot is number one!

Favorite office snack?
I’m a big fan of the sparkling yerba mate drink with honey mustard pretzels. Salty + sweet = yum!

What do you do at Plum?
I’m the senior commercialization project lead. I manage the project logistics and timelines to bring things like new carton designs and packaging changes to life. To do my job, I work with every department at the company, from creative, to brand, to supply chain.

What’s the best thing about working here?
The inspiring mission and people at Plum are the reasons I feel so passionate about the work we are doing. I’ve learned so much about how the food industry works from being able to collaborate with everyone here in different departments. Coming from a background in transportation and office supplies, I really enjoy being in the business of food and seeing all that goes into bringing better-for-you products to little ones.