Meet the Team: Senior Mission Associate, Dana Trans

At Plum, we’re reimagining nutrition from the very first bite and using business as a force for good. But we’re also parents and husbands and sisters and snackers and storytellers and Green Bay Packers fanatics (ok, that’s just one of us) who like to bring our dogs to work sometimes. And we’d love for you to get to know us a little better.

Meet Dana Trans, our senior mission associate. Dana lives and breathes our mission to use business as a force for good and bring nutritious food to little ones in need across the country. She also can do a handstand anywhere and is our in-house yogi.

Life outside of work:
I love to teach and practice yoga and do anything fitness related in my free time. When I’m not working on my flow, you’ll find me cooking, eating with friends, and drinking wine.

Favorite Plum product?
I’m a bit biased being on the mission team, but our Super Smoothie is the best! It has saved me during times when I was feeling foggy from eating too much fried food. I also am a big fan of the white Eat Your Colors pouch.

What do you do at Plum?
I manage the mission work at Plum and collaborate with our incredible non-profit partners at Convoy of Hope, Conscious Alliance, and the Homeless Prenatal Program to use our business as a force for good. I facilitate product donations and other innovation initiatives that support our public benefit as a PBC as well.

What’s the best thing about working here?
The passionate people at Plum are the best part of my day! The dedication and strong moral compass that Plum employees have makes working in mission easy and inspires me to make a difference. I love working somewhere where people innately care about something bigger than themselves.

What’s a project that you’re proud to be a part of?
This year we launched our ingredients glossary where we took an inventory of every single ingredient in every Plum product and distilled it down into a glossary so that parents know exactly what is in every Plum product that they feed their little ones. It’s an exciting project that provides transparency so that consumers see what’s in their food and feel great about what’s going into their baby’s tummy!