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Target Handpicks Brand Partners for Sustainable ‘Made to Matter’ Push CMO Strategy Summit: Jeff Jones on Retailer’s Unusual Initiative

Date: 18/09/2014

t’s green-friendly, but Target’s latest marketing initiative runs on cut-throat competition too. To join the program — “Made to Matter,” a collaborative effort with natural, sustainable and organic product brands — companies need to pass muster with some critical judges.

The co-founders of the program had to pitch an entire Target boardroom of team members on their products, Plum Organics President Neil Grimmer recalled at Ad Age’s CMO Strategy Summit conference in San Francisco on Wednesday.

“I wanted to make sure I blew away Neil’s presentation,” interjected Eric Ryan, co-founder of Method, another early participant.

Mr. Grimmer laughed. “That didn’t happen,” he said.

But both succeeded in getting their products into the effort. Target’s “Made to Matter” partnership portfolio now includes sixteen different brands, giving the retailer an exclusive pipeline of over 100 products in return for end cap displays, colossal scale and the benefit of the marketing behind the program.


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