A Simple Way to Feed Hungry Babies and Help Other Mamas

By: Oz Spies

Hunger is a major problem in America. One in five kids in America is food insecure, meaning that they don’t know where their next meal will come from. An empty stomach makes it hard to concentrate at school, and hungry kids are more likely to get sick. It’s even harder on very small kids, those babies and toddlers who miss out on key nutrition during a critical time for brain development. Food insecure babies are two-thirds more likely to experience developmental delays and 90% more likely to be in fair or poor health. And, as a mother, the thought of babies just like my own ten-month-old going without enough nutritious food fills me with sadness.

Here’s one easy way to help: ten percent of each purchase of Plum Organics products made at through Mother’s Day will go to get nutritious baby food to those who need it. Plum Organic’s The Full Effect program is dedicated to supporting food insecure babies and toddlers.Through partners like the Homeless Prenatal Program and Baby Buggy, Plum will distribute over half a million Super Smoothies, plus their other products. Super Smoothies were created specifically to address the nutritional deficiencies in food insecure babies and toddlers.

My ten-month-old daughter loves Plum’s pumpkin & banana mix, and now’s a good time to stock up!


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