How Brands are Reaching Millennial Moms

By: Matt Van Hoven

Date: 23/07/2014

Today’s breeders face a never-ending barrage of information about how to parent in the 21st century, from friends and parents, to books, doctors and, of course, the Internet. It’s amidst all this noise that brands struggle to break through — and the spoils of digital marketing success are great and many.

Parents are savvier now than ever before, particularly Web-connected women ages 18-34. Millennial moms comprise a group more nimble with the Internet and mobile devices than Gen X and previous generations. And their numbers are vast. There are 90 million millennials in the U.S., a quarter of whom are parents with a spending power of $200 billion. There are 2 billion of them globally, says Jamie Gutfreund, CMO of Noise. Their global spending power is projected to go from $1.3 trillion today to $2.45 trillion next year, according to Oracle.

Bottom line, brands can’t afford to get millennial moms wrong. Meaning, if you’re a parent, you’re probably seeing a lot more content like this cheeky chart in your Facebook feed:

“Millennial moms are more connected, more influential and have more access to research and information than any generation prior,” Katie Sobel, Senior Director of Marketing Communications at baby food company Plum Organics, said. “They also expect complete transparency and connectivity from the brands they do select,” which Sobel says makes things difficult because “moms have the luxury of being discerning.”


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