Fast Company

This Ad’s Unedited Look At Child Rearing Will Trigger Flashbacks — And Hugs — In Parents

By: Joe Berkowitz

Date: 27/05/2015

Facebook is a highly misleading advertisement for procreation. Most new parents only socially share their baby at peak fuzzy-haired, globe-cheeked adorability. Less common are posts that capture the moment when there is literally no possible way to squelch that baby’s cochlea-scorching screams, or what it sounds like to marinate in the music of The Wiggles for a fifth straight hour. A new ad from Plum Organics is fully versed in the lesser heralded moments of new parenthood, and assures those enduring the struggle that it gets better, kind of.

Much like Coca-Cola’s recent Argentinian ad, “Parenting Unfiltered” captures the day-to-day of what happens in between those fleeting Facebook-worthy moments. Whether it’s failed sleep training, breast-pumping while at the office, or caving to the demands of the dreaded baby monitor, Plum Organics’ first-ever national campaign ad doubles down on the non-joys of raising a human. It’s a strategy that appeals, because it’s sure to inspire nods of recognition from battle-scarred vets of childrearing, while also reminding them of why it’s all worth it in the end.

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