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Grow Well®

The first year is here — and every day brings a new opportunity for lil’ ones to Grow Well®. Let’s make it easier with organic ingredients that were born to help babies reach their full potential. Let’s grow, baby!

  • 3g fiber to help support digestive health
  • Vibrant flavors & smooth textures - ages 6 mos. & up
  • Ginger adds a zest that surprises curious taste buds
  • Unsweetened, certified organic, no genetically modified ingredients

We work hard to keep website information current, but please refer to the actual package for the most up-to-date product information.

Organic Pear Puree, Organic Peach Puree, Organic Prune Puree, Organic Pumpkin Puree, Organic Ground Chia Seed, Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate, Organic Ground Ginger, Ascorbic Acid.
Grow Well®
Grow Well®
You might be wondering...
Can I travel with your pouches?
Our pouches are designed to withstand a normal pressurized airplane environment, and are indeed safe for air travel. In fact, one of the things that our customers love so much about our pouches is that they’re so convenient and easy to travel with! If you’re still concerned, it won’t hurt to put the pouches in a zip-lock bag. The TSA does allow baby food to pass through the security checkpoint, so long as you inform the Transportation Security Officer that you are carrying baby food at the beginning of the screening process. Baby food products may be subjected to additional screening that could include being asked to open the container.
How do I know if I have a defective pouch?
Our pouches have a tamper evident seal that clicks during opening, keeping the product fresh. Our pouch food is cooked, and utilize a specific blend of ingredients and balanced acidity levels to ensure product safety. However, in rare instances a pouch may become compromised. Be sure to always check that the pouch is not leaking or bloated before giving it to a child, as it signifies a quality issue. If you notice that the pouch packaging has been compromised in any way, such as a bloating, or a tear or puncture, we do not advise or recommend that you feed the product to your little one.
How should I serve and store the baby food pouches?
Plum® baby food pouches can be served at room temperature, slightly chilled, or warmed in a bowl of hot water. DO NOT microwave pouch. To serve, simply twist off the cap and let your little one feed directly from the spout, or squeeze into a bowl or onto a spoon for your little one to enjoy! The pouches can be stored in your cupboard until ready for use. Refrigeration is required upon opening and we recommend the meal should be consumed within 24 hours for best quality and taste.
What is the shelf life of your pouches?
There is a 12-month shelf life on all un-opened pouches. Our Eat Your Colors® line has a 9-month shelf life. We don’t guarantee the product’s freshness past the “best by” date.
What is the pouch made of?
Our pouches are made from safe materials. They are a mix of 100% BPA & phthalate free plastic and foil - a special blend that helps to naturally preserve the nutrients and retain the vibrant color & taste. The inner lining is made from a food grade polyethylene.
Why is your pouch considered an eco-solution?
As a Certified B-Corporation, an important goal of ours is to reduce our environmental impact through waste reduction and lessening the energy in the manufacturing and transportation of our products. We have confirmed from our supplier and several independent studies that the largest carbon footprint in the life cycle of a product actually occurs during the manufacturing and transportation process. We are happy to say that our lightweight, soft-sided pouch is 10x lighter than the traditional glass jar and cap, and requires less time & energy to produce. All of which leads to less transportation in freight, reduced greenhouse gases, and lower costs. We continue to strive for innovative packaging and processes that are as green as they can be without jeopardizing the integrity of our ingredients and products. The packaging industry is showing progress and we all hope to get there soon!