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Mighty Sticks®
berry beet

Mighty Sticks® are yummy whole grain snacks baked with fruits, veggies, brown rice and chickpeas. And they’re sized just right for little hands, so your adventurous little eater can snack on-the-go anytime!

  • Baked with fruits and veggies
  • 3g whole grains per serving
  • 50mg Omega-3 ALA from chia per serving
  • Perfectly sized to promote self-feeding
  • Certified organic
  • No genetically modified ingredients
  • Non-BPA packaging

We work hard to keep website information current, but please refer to the actual package for the most up-to-date product information.

Brown rice flour*, evaporated medium invert cane syrup*, garbanzo bean flour*, palm shortening*, tapioca flour*, potato starch*, milled chia seeds*, pumpkin flakes* (pumpkin*, rice flour*), strawberry powder*, vegetable glycerin, beet powder*, blackberry powder*, baking soda, baking powder (sodium acid pyrophosphate, corn starch*, sodium bicarbonate), beet juice concentrate* (for color), gum arabic*, natural flavor*, tocopherols (for freshness), vanilla extract*. *Organic.

Learn more about our ingredients.
Mighty Sticks®
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You might be wondering...
Do you have a multiples program?
Unfortunately, we do not have a multiples program.
Do you offer coupons?
Yes, we often offer coupons through our Facebook page as well as our Club Plum newsletter. Become a fan on and sign up for Club Plum here.
How long are products good for after opening?
For optimal quality and freshness, we do recommend that you refrigerate any open pouch that’s not yet empty, and consume the contents within 24 hours.
Are the wrappers and cartons for your snacks recyclable?
Our wrappers are not yet recyclable, but we’re working on it! Our team is dedicated to finding alternative earth-friendly materials that can be used for food-grade products — like compostable food wrappers — and have partnered with industry leaders, such as MRFF and OSC2, to find new ways to minimize food packaging waste.

Our carton and boxes are made with 100% recycled content and can be placed in your recycling bin. (Yay!)

How much should my baby eat each day?
Every baby's needs are different and will depend primarily on their size and appetite. Developmental stages may also affect their appetite. For example, a growth spurt may mean they will want to eat greater quantities more often while teething may cause them to eat less and be pickier with food. Follow your baby's lead on how much and when they want to eat.
What does it mean to be USDA Certified Organic?
Implemented in 2002, the USDA Organics certification system went through over a decade of development. For packaged foods, only products that contain at least 95% organically produced ingredients (the other 5% must come from an approved National Organic Program list) can use the seal on its packaging and must be made in facilities that are certified to meet strict USDA Organic guidelines. Certified by an independent third-party, all USDA Certified Organic products must show documentation that allows full traceability from the retailer shelves to the field where the organic ingredients were grown.