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squeezy food pouch 101

squeezy food pouch 101

simple tips for perfect “pouching”

By Dr. Alan Greene, Pediatrician, Author and Advisor to Plum Organics. In this day and age, parents are constantly on the go with their children in tow. It can be challenging to keep a freshly prepared snack or home-cooked meal on hand. The squeezable pouch helps deliver nutritious, fresh-tasting, vibrant food in a convenient portable format. But because this is a new way for kids to eat food, it’s important to understand how to appropriately use these handy little pouches. Here are three quick tips: 1. Portable pouches are good for on-the-go eating, but your child should be stationary when eating them. With anything that goes into a little one’s mouth, it’s important to use common sense. Be it a spoon, fork, bottle, sippy cup, or straw—all can cause injury if kids fall with one in their mouth. Pouches make it easy to have nutritious food on the go, but it’s safest to have your child immobile when consuming it. 2. Pouches are a new way to package food, but oral hygiene advice still applies. Whenever any food lingers in the mouth too long, it can cause cavities. To help minimize the risk, we recommend consuming the pouch in one sitting, not nibbling or sucking the pouch over an extended period of time. Follow any snack with a good rinse with water or a quick brush of the teeth. 3. From baby food to table foodthe role pouches play in your child’s daily meals. I’m a fan of starting family meals earlyeven from baby’s first bite. Share some of the same food: your food for them and/or their food for you. The great organic purees in baby food pouches can make tasty dips, spreads, and sauces for parents, and later for children, too, as they start transitioning to table food themselves. And as toddlers and preschoolers start to help with food preparation (a skill not to miss!), squeezing a pouch as an ingredient in a pasta sauce, as a spread on a sandwich, into a muffin mix, or into a bowl for dipping veggies can be a simple, fun way to be involved in the kitchen. Follow those quick tips for this convenient food and enjoy the peace of mind you get from feeding your child healthy, organic food on the go!