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'Why I work for Plum'
'Why I work for Plum'


We’re a company by parents, for parents. Whether a team member is a parent now, a future parent or just someone who loves kids, each one of us is proud to support families and caregivers of all kinds! Check out our blog to meet the team and get the scoop on all things Plum.

A Few of the People Behind Plum
  • Neil Grimmer
    Neil Grimmer
    co-founder and chairman

    The original chief dad, Neil’s journey as a parent led him to co-found Plum Organics in 2007. He continues to inspire us to use business as a force for good, and, through his leadership, we’re constantly reminded to bring our own selves to work each day.

  • Andy Seaberg
    Andy Seaberg
    director of R&D

    The Plum team has always prided itself on its culinary approach to baby food, and Andy’s leadership is the reason we’re able to deliver on our mission to get kids the very best food. As a working dad, being at Plum also has some built-in advantages… Andy’s son never lets him forget to bring snacks home with him before leaves the office!

  • Rachel Smith
    Rachel Smith
    Consumer Advocacy

    Rachel is the cheery personality behind Plum’s Consumer Affairs who makes sure that we are delighting parents at every touchpoint. When she’s not responding to consumers, she’s wrangling her adorable miniature Australian Shepherd, Scout.

  • Dawn Miedler
    Dawn Miedler
    vice president, supply chain

    Dawn ensures that we’re sourcing the highest quality organic ingredients and that our food travels safely from farm to pouch. In between juggling work and a toddler, Dawn squeezes in X-fit classes…often bringing her team along for the fun.


Workplace of Our Future

As an employer, we want our team to do the best work possible. As fellow human beings, we also care about them as individuals. Workplace of Our Future is an ongoing initiative focused on continuous improvement of all programs and efforts that affect wellbeing on an individual, team and organizational level. From the way we use our meeting rooms to the ways we build trust, we’re committed to trying new things and always striving to do our best.

Want to read more about life at Plum? Check out our blog!

Core Truths

Our behaviors, values — whatever you want to call them — were crowd-sourced by the entire team. We even have them painted on our walls!

Bring your own self to work.

When you walk through our doors, we expect you to bring your whole, real, delightfully original self. Bring your quirks, your colors, your talents, your passion, your experience and your pride. You’re the person we hired. No one else will do.

Fight the Good Fight
Fight the Good Fight
Show up. Speak up. Keep at it

We believe it’s everyone’s job to stand up for what matters. Be courageous enough to ask questions, to challenge the status quo and to evolve as needed. It’s not always easy. But, if you fight the good fight, we’ll always have your back.

Lead With Heart
Lead With Heart
Be confident. Be compassionate.

As leaders, we are courageously vulnerable, intensely empathetic and insatiably driven to help others. We know that compassion breeds confidence — in ourselves, in each other, and in our brand.

Benefits, Perks & Life in the Office

Beyond the obvious competitive medical, retirement and time-off benefits, we’ve created a “tailored-to-Plum” selection of meaningful perks that enable our employees to feel comfortable and supported every day.

Open Office…or Not

We try to balance an open office setup that encourages informal collaboration with plenty of other options for focus mode – couches, conference rooms, and quiet nooks. There’s also our huge kitchen, where you can usually find someone to cook or have a beer with.

Plum Pups

We <3 fur babies, too! On a typical day, we have at least a couple Plum Pups lounging around, ready for a walking meeting or a stress-relieving hug.


Since flexibility can mean ten different things for ten different people, we’re open to finding the solution that helps you stay committed not only to your work, but to the things that matter to you personally, too.

Benefits, Perks & Life in the Office
Benefits, Perks & Life in the Office
Wellness Wednesdays

“Individual wellbeing” can sometimes be as straightforward as physical wellness. That’s why we offer a subsidized gym membership along with onsite Crossfit classes and other opportunities to work on that fitness.

Giving Back

Part of Plum’s mission is engaging with our community and doing good. Luckily, we have some great non-profit partners to volunteer with and fundraise for regularly. The best part? Your volunteer hours = grant dollars at the end of every year.

Benefits, Perks & Life in the Office
Kids? Sure!

We know it can be tough to juggle family schedules, so if you need to tote your kid (of any age) with you to the office, you won’t get a second look. Kids have an all-access pass at Plum – they can come to product brainstorms or team meetings – but they’re usually just interested in the snacks.

How do we know all of these efforts are working? We just ask. We use regular surveys to gauge overall employee engagement and see how specific programs are going.