Don't let babies become big babies

Unique flavor and texture combos turn any child into a high chair foodie.


You crave sleep. They crave flavor and texture. We got you on that last part.

baby food


Tots put everything in their mouths. Make sure some of it’s veggies + fruits.

Tot food


Flavors and textures so good, they’ll keep their hands off your plate.

Kid food

flavors, check. textures, check.

Challenge budding tastebuds. That’s how you learn new foods. And other new stuff.

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sweet flavor collage featuring ingredients and smiling baby
sour ingredients collage featuring tot making expressive sour face
savory ingredients collage featuring spinach, cute baby, and plum pouch
texture flavor collage featuring tot throwing oats

parental mental health matters

some struggles go beyond snacktime.

That’s why our commitment to food and community has evolved into the mindfull effect™. It’s our way to support parents, children and their village where they need it most, when they need it most.

“As funny as it is, prunes are probably our daughter’s favorite puree so far. I tasted it too and it honestly was pretty yummy even for me to say that.”


“my son has loved this since he was a baby. he’s just starting to eat solids (he’s 3) but still slurps this pouch down in two seconds. i hope they keep on making this flavor.”


“my son loves them. they taste great, and they’re perfect for on-the-go. i have a pack of these in my purse, car, and diaper bag. great for motor skills.”


“this is the only snack my autistic daughter will eat. she absolutely loves them.”


“the strawberry mighty snack bars don’t taste like processed sugar. my 3 and 1 year old both love them. they’re a healthy snack everyone in the family enjoys.”

matt w

“i love getting my children the healthiest food options. my son loves the carrot, sweet potato, corn, pea & chicken pouch. the texture is just right.”


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