plum goodness

Pick up any snack and you’ll see we’re good inside. And that’s just the beginning.

Collage showing ingredients and tot eating a jammy sammy snack

the plum standard

Better ingredients. Period.

USDA Organic logo


We know there’s a debate as to whether organic is more nutritious or safer than conventional. For us, when it comes to making food for children there is no debate. We choose organic.

Non GMO logo


Plum products are always made without genetically modified ingredients. All of our products are Non-GMO, allowing your little explorer to thrive innately.

The Mindfull Effect™

A special program with parents and children in mind.

daughter smiling, sitting on smiling mother's shoulders

parental mental health matters

In collaboration with The Policy Center for Maternal Mental Health, Plum developed a program to nourish the mental health of parents by identifying communities that are most in need.

super smoothie pouches collage with sweet potatoes and blueberries

super helpful smoothie

Whenever a Super Smoothie pack is purchased, a pouch is donated to nourish children in need across America. Talk about a pouch with a purpose.

21035488+ pouches donated

And we’re still going. As part of our food donation program, our pouches with purpose are designed to feed children across the country. Because little minds need organic nutrient rich snacks to grow.

Plum is a PBC

A public benefit corporation (PBC) is a type of corporate entity, like ‘Inc.’ or ‘LLC.’ It’s our legal status of incorporation, and it means that we exist to both make a profit and serve a greater societal purpose (i.e., make the world a little better).

first 1000 days

tastebuds appear


In utero, babies have tastebuds. So, flavors experienced in the womb will be remembered by your baby later on in life. Eat wisely.

palate expansion begins

year one

Expose your baby to a wide variety of colorful and flavorful foods to help develop an appreciation for healthy foods later in life.

picky eating ramps up

year two

Getting your child to try new foods can become a challenge. No worries, we have ways to get them over the picky eater hurdle.

eating more adventurously takes hold

year two+

Your baby or big kid (or whatever they want to be called that day) can learn adventurous eating at any point. Introducing new foods, colors, and flavors inspire your child’s budding palate.

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