15 Amazon Products That Got My Baby Through Her First Flight

by Leah Rocketto

Updated: January 4, 2023


A light, easy-to-fold stroller : Munchkin Sparrow Ultra Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller

A hands-free way to carry baby around : Ergobaby Omni 360 All-Position Baby Carrier

A simple organizing solution : Hometable Clear Toiletry Pouches

A compact bag to hold essentials : MEISSE Crossbody Bag

A quick way to clean everything baby will drop : Munchkin Arm & Hammer Pacifier Wipes

A multipurpose toy to hold their attention : Bloobloomax Clip-On Toy

A diaper cream “brush” : Bumco Mini Baby Bum Brush

A “book” that holds their attention : Taf Toys Soft Crinkle Activity Book

A baby toy that may ease your own travel anxiety : LiKee Suction Cup Spinnerz

A bag to hold the dirty clothes : Bumkins Waterproof Wet Bag

A shockingly entertaining office supply : Post-it Tabs

A snack container and toy combo : Skip Hop Baby Snack Container

An easy way to store (and pour) formula : Stackable Formula Dispenser

A convenient, nutritious snack : Plum Organics Baby Food Pouch

A big water bottle that takes up minimal space : Nefeeko Collapsible Water Bottle

When my husband suggested we temporarily escape the New England winter for somewhere warm, I allowed myself a moment of excitement before I started to stress. This vacation would require a flight; the first one with our daughter, who would be 9 months old at the time of the trip. She’d be wriggly, teething and confined to my lap for three hours. I’d heard and witnessed plenty of worst-case scenarios about flying with a baby; I knew that chaos that could ensue. But experiencing the sun, sand and surf as a family was too tempting to refuse. 

So I did what any mom does when faced with the unknown: I researched. I read about all the baby travel essentials, spoke to parents who had taken countless flights with their little ones, and scrolled through Instagram for tip-filled reels. I weeded out items that weren’t applicable for our scenario (I didn’t need nursing or pumping items, for example) and narrowed down my list to a point that wasn’t “overkill.” The night before our trip, as I packed the last of her items in our carryon, I felt semi-confident about our daughter’s first flight. 

Although you can’t predict how your baby will be at 36,000 feet (or, at any altitude), the right gear can help you correct the course and make for a slightly less stressful flight. 

To help ease your travel stress, here are 15 items —all on Amazon — that I actually used during my baby’s first flight to get us both through it. 

A light, easy-to-fold stroller

Munchkin Sparrow Ultra Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller

Why We Love It

A stroller is key for seamlessly moving your baby and luggage through the airport. Specifically, one that can be easily folded when you’re going through security or checking it at the gate. As a person who doesn’t do well with multi-step assembly, I was drawn to the simplicity of the Munchkin Sparrow. To fold the stroller, all you have to do is press the handles, bend it forward, and tuck in the wheels. And because it folds to a flat square, I was able to put it in the included travel bag and store it in the overhead bin along with my other carry-on bag. As an added bonus, it’s under 13 pounds, so it was relatively easy for me, someone with minimal upper body strength, to carry it when my daughter wasn’t in it.

A hands-free way to carry baby around

Ergobaby Omni 360 All-Position Baby Carrier

Why We Love It

You’ll want both your hands free when going through security, boarding a plane, and during the flight, so a baby carrier is essential. And the Ergobaby Omni 360 has a lot of features that make it ideal for traveling. It’s made of a lightweight material, so neither my daughter nor I got particularly hot when wearing it for the majority of our three-hour flight. The carrier is also extremely comfortable. Not only are the shoulders and waist belt padded for extra cushion, but straps can be worn criss-cross or backpack style to fit your support needs. But the real travel-friendly feature is the detachable pouch. It was able to hold two passports, an iPhone, a pack of wipes, and a teething toy, and is conveniently located on the waist for easy access.

A simple organizing solution

Hometable Clear Toiletry Pouches

Amazon Travel Items: Bag organizer

Why We Love It

While I was able to utilize the pockets of my Ruvalino diaper bag for diapering essentials and bottles, I wanted a few extra organizational tools to keep things together and easily accessible. Now, I could have used the many toiletry bags I already owned. But by using clear pouches, like these ones from Hometable, my husband and I could see what was inside, saving us hours of unzipping and searching. I also appreciated that this pack of TSA-approved toiletry bags formed structured cubes when assembled, even if they weren’t filled to capacity, which made for easier packing. 

A compact bag to hold essentials

MEISSE Crossbody Bag

Amazon Travel Items: Crossbody bag

Why We Love It

Full disclosure: I didn’t use this bag on our trip. My friend and fellow mom who we were traveling with did, and I was jealous of her the whole time. Deemed the perfect Lululemon dupe, this bag keeps you from frantically searching your carryon for smaller travel essentials like your phone, passport, and cash. Rather, you can wear it across your body or around your waist — whatever is most comfortable for you — for convenient access. My friend particularly loves that there are two small pockets and a mesh pouch in the bag to keep her items organized. Plus it’s made of waterproof material, so baby spills and spit up won’t ruin it. I’ve already purchased this for our next trip.

A quick way to clean everything baby will drop

Munchkin Arm & Hammer Pacifier Wipes

Amazon Travel Items: Wipes

Why We Love It

There are two activities almost every baby enjoys: dropping things and putting things in their mouths, often in that order. Enter Munchkin Arm & Hammer Pacifier Wipes, which utilize safe-for-consumption ingredients like water and baking soda to clean pacifiers, nipples and more. Simply wipe the item, let it air dry, and your baby can gnaw on it again in no time. Although they are no substitute for properly washing items, these wipes help you make do when dish soap and hot water aren’t easily accessible. And the 4×6-inch package makes it perfect for storing in diaper bags, purses or even pants pockets. 

I do recommend pairing these with a pack of baby-friendly hand wipes and a pack of disinfecting wipes, the latter of which you can use to clean your seat, tray table and any other surfaces baby might touch.

A multipurpose toy to hold their attention

Bloobloomax Clip-On Toy

Amazon Travel Items: Clip-on toy

Why We Love It

My daughter, like most babies, has a pretty short attention span. So finding a toy with multiple uses is a bit of a blessing. The noise from the polkadot rattle amused her, but wasn’t so loud that it annoyed fellow passengers. (At least, I didn’t notice any eyerolls or sighs.) The plush gave her something to snuggle, while the teether gave her something to gnaw. As a bonus, I could clip the toy to her stroller to keep her entertained in the airport without the risk of it falling to the germ-infested ground.

A diaper cream “brush”

Bumco Mini Baby Bum Brush

Amazon Travel Items: Diaper cream brush

Why We Love It

Look, I have no problem getting my hands dirty, especially for my child. But changing your wriggly baby’s diaper in a 2×4-foot bathroom requires skill and a steady hand. You don’t need to add to the chaos by trying to then wash your hands while holding them. Bumco’s silicone “spatula” allows you to apply diaper ointment without getting your fingers anywhere near their butt. This means your hands remain free from residual poop, pee and diaper ointment that only goes away with a good scrub. Just swipe with an antibacterial wipe until you can give it a proper cleaning.

A “book” that holds their attention

Taf Toys Soft Crinkle Activity Book

Amazon Travel Items: Book

Why We Love It

Designed to be a tummy-time toy, this crinkly activity book provides plenty of entertainment no matter your baby’s position. One side features high-contrast illustrations and a baby-safe mirror to engage infants. On the other side, you’ll find colorful images and interactive elements, like textured pages and peek-a-boo items, to amuse older babies. The book also stands on its own, which makes it ideal for planes. I was able to place it on the tray table, keeping my daughter entertained and freeing my arm up to have a snack.

A baby toy that may ease your own travel anxiety

LiKee Suction Cup Spinnerz

Amazon Travel Items: Fidget spinner

Why We Love It

When I asked fellow moms for their baby flight essentials, they’d either recommend a suction toy or a spinning toy. LiKee’s fidget blocks combine the two into a colorful, lightweight toy that babies and parents will enjoy. Stick them to the window or tray table for your little one to spin; hold them while your little one “pops” the bubbles to the other side; or, my personal favorite, teach your child the colors and numbers on the block while you pop the bubble to cope with travel anxiety. A word of warning: If the spinner is not securely attached to the suction cup, your baby will pull it off and hit you with it. So be sure to triple check the attachment.

A bag to hold the dirty clothes

Bumkins Waterproof Wet Bag

Amazon Travel Items: Wet bag

Why We Love It

You may get through a whole flight without your baby pooping through their diapers or spitting all over themselves (and potentially you). If that’s not the case — and it wasn’t for us — you’ll be happy you have Bumkins’ wet bag on hand. Yes, you could use a zip-top bag. But if you don’t seal it just right, then the mess may spill onto everything else in your diaper bag. Bumkins’ bag seals with a zipper so there’s no risk of leaks. And since it’s made from waterproof material, you can give the clothes a quick rinse before throwing them in the bag.

A shockingly entertaining office supply

Post-it Tabs

Amazon Travel Items: Post-it Tabs

Why We Love It

I laughed when a few parents suggested I bring Post-It tabs to entertain my daughter. But this was the “toy” she played with the longest. Perfect for babies who like to grab, the tabs can be placed on any surface for your baby to snatch, wave and put back in place. And unlike other sticker-type toys, they don’t leave behind a residue that the airline staff will have to scrub away. (Or worse, get stuck on the surface.) For older kids, you could write letters or numbers on the tabs and use them as a teaching opportunity.

A snack container and toy combo

Skip Hop Baby Snack Container

Amazon Travel Items: Snack container

Why We Love It

We love a double-duty item, especially an unexpected one. Skip Hop’s snack cup is, first and foremost, a mess-free way to store puffs, berries and other tiny treats. The snap top lid makes it easy for parents to open with one hand if necessary. Beneath that is a slotted layer that is flexible enough for little hands to get through, but small enough that snacks won’t spill out even when tipped over. But when your and your baby aren’t fishing food out of the container, it makes for a great rattle. My daughter amused herself throughout the trip by shaking (and yes, gnawing) on the puppy ears and handle. And who was I to stop her fun.

An easy way to store (and pour) formula

Stackable Formula Dispenser

Amazon Travel Items: Formula dispense

Why We Love It

Although formula (and other baby food) can exceed the Transportation Security Administration’s 3.4 ounce limit, scooping formula on a plane sounded a bit messy and stressful for my liking. I searched for several different formula dispensers and ultimately went with this stack-and-pour option. It took up more real estate in our diaper bag than other options, but the tradeoff was having multiple compartments that could not only hold different quantities of formula but different items as well, like puffs, cereal, or even some snacks for me. This gives the dispenser longevity, as I’ll be able to use it when my daughter has transitioned out of formula completely and is demanding food every five minutes.

A convenient, nutritious snack

Plum Organics Baby Food Pouch

Amazon Travel Items: Snack pouch

Why We Love It

My daughter loves to snack, but I can only give her so many puffs and teether crackers before she gets bored. However, I didn’t want to give her bite-sized pieces of my food since she is a messy eater. (Neither myself nor the airline attendants needed to clean that up.) What was perfect about the Plum Organics pouches was that I could squeeze the puree onto a spoon and feed it to her, minimizing the mess. I also took some comfort in knowing she was eating some actual fruit during a long day of travel. There are a number of flavor options to choose from, but I recommend Peach, Banana and Apricot because the color leaves the least annoying stains on clothes.

A big water bottle that takes up minimal space

Nefeeko Collapsible Water Bottle

Amazon Travel Items: Water bottle

Why We Love It

Whether you’re using it for your own hydration, to store water for baby’s bottles or both, a reusable water bottle is a travel essential. But it’s hard to find a bottle that holds a lot of liquid without taking up a ton of space. Nefeeko’s 3.15 × 3.15 × 9.45-inch water bottle holds 27 oz. of liquid — just over three cups. But when you’re done, you can simply push the lid and “fold” the bottle to about half its size, freeing up some room in your bag. There was a bit of a rubber smell when I first opened the bottle, so I took the advice of previous purchasers and soaked the bottle in hot lemon water for a few hours before washing it.


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