Biting issues: what to do when teething begins

you’ll drool over these natural remedies

When your little one is in big teething pain, their behavior can change drastically; short naps, drooling, and face rashes show up right around the same time as whining and complaining. What can parents do to soothe an uncomfortable baby until the new tooth pops in? We have some popular remedies below to get you and your baby through those first growing pains. We just recommend that you keep your baby supervised when you test these teething tips for gumption.


frozen celery

Not only is it a little chewy, but it’s cold! If frozen seems too cold, try putting a piece of clean (organic) celery in a glass of water in the fridge. It will be nice and cool. You can also try this with a carrot. Just don’t use a “baby” carrot; those can be choking hazards. And watch out for those celery strings.


frozen washcloth

The nubby ridges of an organic cotton cloth washed in a safe-for-baby detergent can massage gums in mysteriously soothing ways. If frozen is too cold for your babe, dip it in water and refrigerate before offering.



It can be hard to get anything done when your babe starts teething and is miserable, but dinner does need to be made. Install her in the kitchen with you and let her chew on BPA-free spoons—cold silver ones, or whatever seems to help her pain. Just watch the handles; those can poke eyes!



If your little teether is already eating solids, take a puree and freeze it in a popsicle mold. Just watch to make sure she doesn’t manage to pry loose a piece she could choke on. Or offer frozen fruits and veggies in a mesh bag. If she reacts well, try offering her only cold instead of warm purees until the offending tooth arrives.


clove oil, real vanilla extract, catnip oil, rosehips

Check with your pediatrician before trying any of these teething remedies, which are commonly used all over the world on teething babies to relieve pain and generally calm miserable tots. Usually they’re just rubbed on sore gums in tiny amounts. That pressure alone is surely soothing.


chamomile tea

You’ve probably relied on chamomile tea at some point in life in an attempt to calm or soothe yourself, maybe even before bed. It’s said to work on babies, too, in very diluted amounts (do not exceeding four ounces of chamomile tea in a 24-hour period). Some parents even freeze it.


little teethers wafers

On-the-go?  Keep a pack of Little Teethers in your diaper bag or car and you’ll have something nutritious for your little one to gnaw on in no time!

The advice provided in this article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical diagnosis, advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. Always consult a pediatrician to understand the individual needs of your child.

Written by Plum Organics