B Corp

B Corp

What is a B Corp?

B Corps use the power of business to drive social and environmental change. B Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk. B Corps are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Today, there is a growing community of more than 1,700 Certified B Corps from 50 countries and over 130 industries working together toward 1 unifying goal: to redefine success in business.

A proudly certified B Corp since 2008. Check out our public profile or download our full B Impact Assessment here. Read our mission report here.

Plum, PBC? What’s a Public Benefit Corporation?

A public benefit corporation (PBC) is a type of corporate entity, like ‘Inc.’ or ‘LLC.’ It’s our legal status of incorporation, and it means that we exist to both make a profit and serve a greater societal purpose (i.e., make the world a little better).

Plum’s public benefit is to deliver nourishing, organic food to our nation’s little ones and to raise awareness and advance solutions for childhood hunger and malnutrition in the United States.

Plum was one of the first to reincorporate as a public benefit corporation in the state of Delaware on August 1, 2013.