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The Homeless Prenatal Program Healthy Feeding Initiative

In 2016, we wanted to extend our The Full Effect ® program to provide support and education around breastfeeding and infant feeding to families in need.

Homeless Prenatal Program (HPP), one of our three main non-profit partners, is a recognized family resource center in San Francisco that empowers homeless and low-income families, particularly mothers motivated by pregnancy and parenthood to find the strength needed to transform their lives. The Wellness Center at HPP serves homeless and low-income perinatal women and families with health and social services to ensure healthier birth outcomes, positive parenting experiences, and community building.

We could not think of a better, local partner to work with to develop a robust education and support program around breastfeeding and early infant feeding. So, we launched our first Breastfeeding Education Grant, or what is now called the Healthy Feeding Initiative, in collaboration with HPP.

Only year one into the program, and we’ve made tremendous progress and seen numerous success stories!

HPP has developed 2 new private nursing rooms, given away over 600 breastfeeding supplies, and brought 6 new lactation educators and lactation consultants onto their staff to provide breastfeeding services. They also have introduced a culture around breastfeeding in their community and began participation in San Francisco’s Public Health Breastfeeding Collaborative.

One recent success story specifically stood out. A woman from the HPP community had a difficult pregnancy and delivery, which resulted in a C-section. Her milk production was low, and as a result, she had to supplement with formula daily. However, she really was eager to increase her milk supply. Through breastfeeding classes and one-on-one consultations with lactation experts at HPP, the mother could reinitiate and grow her milk supply. Now, the baby is 5 months old and is exclusively breastfeeding!

We’re excited to hear more anecdotes and see the program continue to develop this year and beyond!