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You Can Make It Through
This In One Piece

Keeping It Together is part rallying cry, part field guide for the life-altering experience of becoming parents. Let’s commiserate through the blowouts and celebrate the baby steps. Follow us as we share expert perspectives, insights and stories. You got this!

Voices of Keeping It Together

Voices of
Keeping It Together

We solicited advice from our favorite experts on how to handle the first year and partnered with real parents to share their own personal stories from the frontlines.

  • Esther Perel
    Esther Perel

    Esther is recognized as one of today's most insightful and original voices on modern relationships. She's penned two international best-selling books and recently launched her new podcast series, Where Should We Begin?

  • Doyin Richards
    Doyin Richards
    Parental Roles

    Doyin Richards is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, contributor to NPR and HLN, and a charter member of the TODAY Show’s Parenting Team. He’s passionate about raising his two young daughters and inspiring moms and dads to reach their full potential as parents.

  • Amy Henderson
    Amy Henderson

    Amy is an advocate for working parents. As CEO and co-founder of tendlab, she helps companies focus on transforming the workplace by building on the power and potential of parenthood.

  • Alexandra Sacks, M.D.
    Alexandra Sacks, M.D.

    Working as a Columbia University trained reproductive psychiatrist in her private practice while writing for the New York Times, Dr. Sacks is a global leader on the female brain and how stages in a woman’s development, including motherhood, impact identity. Her forthcoming book explores the transition to motherhood.

  • Ashley Wright
    Ashley Wright

    Ashley is an advocate of living life fully and unapologetically. While raising two children, she supports a community of women through pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and self-care.

  • Glen Henry
    Glen Henry

    Glen is a dad of three. He runs Beleaf In Fatherhood, a Youtube channel for honest stories about the ins and outs of being a Dad because nobody is perfect; so why pretend?

  • James & Charlie
    James & Charlie

    Just 5 months ago, Charlie was born and changed Papa's (James) & Daddy's (Charlie) lives forever. Living in San Francisco with two furry barky things, their life so far is one big hilarious adventure that they share on Instagram. #loveislove

  • Gemma Marin
    Gemma Marin

    Gemma Marin and partner Israel Duffus went viral last year when they made a dancing video featuring Gemma 9-months pregnant. And now that her baby is here, she plans on keeping her love of dance alive — and passing it on to her daughter, Alexandra.

  • Maya Vorderstrasse
    Maya Vorderstrasse

    Happily sleep-deprived, Maya exercises her unique and authentic personality by translating her personal experiences with her Irish twin daughters, Zoey and Hazel, into funny and honest posts on Instagram, often accompanied by her best friend and husband Tim and her letter board. Check out her blog OnceUponALetterboard

  • Dikla Goren
    Dikla Goren

    Balancing a successful motherhood and lifestyle blog and being an active parent is no easy task but Dikla has learned to incorporate both in her daily routine. She enjoys sharing her experiences and discoveries with her followers on Instagram. Read about Dikla #KeepingItTogether in the first year of parenthood in her latest blog post.