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Featuring Plum's Mashups® Berry Pouch

Prep time: 10 mins | Cooking time: 0 mins!


  • 1 pouch, Plum Organics Mashups<sup>®</sup> Berry
  • 1 julienned apple jicama or carrot
  • Almond butter or peanut butter
  • Whole wheat crepes (homemade or store bought, or use flatbread)


PB&J is a timeless classic, but sometimes, you have to shake things up. These pinwheels are packed with your choice of fresh fruit or vegetables for an extra bit of crunch and a whole lot of yum! Heartier than traditional PB&J, these beauts are a cinch to make for lunch or snack time, and perfect for both kids and adults alike. Let’s roll!

  1. Place crepe or flatbread on a cutting board.
  2. Spread nut butter, leaving a ½-1 inch margin around the border of the crepe.
  3. Top nut butter with julienned apple, jicama, carrots, or a combo of all three
  4. Drizzle with Mashups<sup>®</sup> (we go heavy on the drizzle).
  5. Start from one side and tightly roll up.
  6. Once entirely rolled, cut cross-wise to make pinwheels.
  7. Note: sometimes when using a crepe, we like to do a double layer of crepe and nut butter before adding the crunchy fruits, veggies and Mashups<sup>®</sup>.
  8. Serve with the remaining Mashups<sup>®</sup> puree as a dipping sauce!