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Plum’s Response to the Clean Label Report

We know there have been many questions stemming from the recent Clean Label Project report regarding contaminants in baby food products, including Plum Organics. As parents ourselves, health and safety are always our top priorities.

For over a decade, our mission has been to serve little ones the very best food from the first bite. Our team works with some of the brightest minds in the industry—including leading pediatricians, food scientists and nutritionists—to ensure that we’re able to constantly deliver on that mission.

We—and others—are highly skeptical of the findings contained in the recent Clean Label Project report. Given our mission and our commitment to safety, Plum is in the process of conducting comparative testing. We will share the findings as soon as we have results.

We’re taking these steps because at the end of the day, we’re parents too and we’re committed to ensuring all babies get the very best food.

Additional Questions? Find your answer below, or you can always call us at (877) 914-PLUM.

Why am I hearing there could be contaminants in food products?
Heavy metals are present in the environment, including soil and water. Whether you are growing your own produce in your backyard, buying fresh produce from a farmer’s market or purchasing a product in the supermarket, these naturally occurring substances will likely be present in the food to some extent.

Can you tell me about the certification program for organic food and what it ensures?
As an organic food brand, all of our products are made without genetically modified ingredients. In order to grow organic food, all farmers must abide by strict standards through the USDA’s organic certification program which greatly reduces potentially harmful substances including antibiotics and many pesticides from making their way into any produce in the field.

I’ve seen alarming media headlines as a result of the Clean Label Project report. Can you help me understand their findings?
We can’t validate the report or the findings that were released. We agree that some media headlines have added to the confusion and concerns about the study and its methodology are being raised in a variety of places. We are requesting more information from the Clean Label Project.

Plum’s Updated Response to Clean Label Project Report
December 11, 2017

As a brand that stands behind the integrity and goodness of our organic baby food products, the Plum team continues to be highly skeptical of CLP’s findings. We want parents to feel confident in feeding their children and don’t think they should be scared by an unproven and misunderstood rating system – even the CLP doesn’t guarantee the accuracy of their information or analysis.

Following the release of CLP’s report, Plum has been in the process of conducting comparative testing, involving several lots/samples of individual Plum products.

We believe that Plum’s products are safe to eat. Our testing confirmed that the averaged results for heavy metals in all tested Plum products gave concentrations that are typical for those ingredients – whether that’s a leafy green grown in your own garden or a bunch of carrots purchased at the farmer’s market. The results also demonstrate our tested products are below exposure limits set by certain domestic and international regulatory bodies. As a comparison, at European Union regulatory limits (which in many cases are much stricter than US standards), a serving of fresh fruit, fresh leafy green vegetables or rice crackers could expose a child to greater levels of lead, cadmium or arsenic (total or inorganic) than the tested Plum products.

As an organic food brand dedicated to making the very best food for all little ones, we’re committed to upholding our mission every day and pushing ourselves to always to do more. Given the absence of more robust government standards for baby food, we’re in the process of upgrading our own standards that will guide us in the future to make sure we’re continuing to deliver on our mission…and we hope others will join us. More to come on that journey.