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Say Hello to Baby Bowls!

The culinary fruit and veggie recipes we’re known for now come in a lightweight, non-BPA bowl. Designed to stack, spoon and reseal like a dream, we’re picking up where the jar left off with Baby Bowls.

Each bowl features:
• A domed lid for resealing and stacking
• A bowl and lid made from recyclable, non-BPA plastic with a significantly smaller footprint than heavy glass jars
• A spoon-rest and on-pack freshness marker
• A shape designed to fit perfectly in your palm for one-handed spooning

Combining style and substance with beautiful design, improved function and flavorful recipes featuring organic ingredients, we made Baby Bowls to celebrate the exciting milestone that is baby’s first foods. Since babies eat with all their senses, spoon feeding is a great way to introduce the vibrant colors, textures and complex flavors that nurture palate development.

Baby Bowls come in ten unique flavor combinations:
• Apple, spinach & avocado
• Banana, raspberry & barley
• Beet, apple, strawberry & chia
• Mango & quinoa
• Pumpkin, banana, papaya & cardamom
• Apple, blackberry & oat
• Mango, carrot & turmeric
• Pear & prune
• Pear, cauliflower, cherry & raisin
• Pear, sweet potato & red bell pepper

Baby Bowls are now available at select retailers nationwide, including Amazon, Target, buybuy BABY, Wegmans, HEB and Kroger. Here’s to giving parents a new way to spoon!