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Spring Craft Idea – Butterfly Garden

Snack time turns into craft time when you upcycle your Plum Organics® pouch caps into beautiful butterflies with this easy, DIY tutorial.

Foam hearts
Craft sticks
Pipe cleaners
Googly eyes
Glue gun + sticks
Plum Organics® pouch caps


1. Gather your materials, grab the kids, and get started on this cute, easy butterfly garden!

2. Glue your foam hearts on either side of the craft stick to make your butterfly’s wings.

3. Fold your pipe cleaners over twice to make sturdy antennae and glue them onto the craft stick.

4. Glue your Plum Organics® pouch caps onto the outer tips of your antennae and glue googly eyes onto the craft stick.

Flap those wings!